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Frequently Asked Question

When can a patient start working again ?

Generally it is possible to get back to work within…...

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Which method is used ?

We use the FUE method which is the latest technology…...

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When can hairs be dyed again after a hair transplant ?

The hairs can be dyed again after 6 weeks....

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Will transplantated hair results look completely natural ?

The transplanted hairs are a patient’s own hair and look…...

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Is any scar remaining in the area where the hair roots were extracted ?

Due to the extraction of the hair roots individually and…...

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Is it necessary to shave the hair shirt for a hair transplant ?

In case of a hairless area being too…...

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How long does a hair transplantation procedure take ?

It takes on average between 6 and 8 hours....

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Does a patient suffer from any pain after the treatment ?

Due to using a long-released local anesthesia, there will be…...

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When will the newly transplanted hairs start to grow ?

The newly transplanted hair will start to grow after 3…...

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What anaesthetic method is used in hair transplantation ?

It is by use of local anaesthesia at the donor…...

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When can I have a haircut after hair transplantation ?

It is possible to have a haircut after one month.…...

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What is the maximum number of grafts that can be transplanted during one session?

This depends one two main aspects. The donor area where…...

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What may any patient expect from an hair transplantation ?

The expectation for a hair transplant should be realistic. The…...

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